The Alpha course is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in an open, relaxed and it’s non-intimidating. Alpha is an opportunity for dialogue and is simple, casual and fun. For ten weeks, you will discover some basic principles of the Christian faith. Each session includes a talk and a time to express your opinion.

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Biblical Counseling
When additional counsel is required beyond Home Groups, our counselors help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the church. We offer biblical counseling for those seeking healing, freedom and wisdom…

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Our discipleship mission is to equip and mobilize the church to effectively make disciples locally and ultimately globally. We at House of the Nations believe that Home Groups provide the best avenue to make disciples, so we seek to connect every worship attendee to a Home Group…

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Hospital & Home Visits
If you or a loved one has been hospitalized, do not hesitate to call on our church body for support. The House of the Nations Hospital Ministry is committed to ministering the love…

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Premarital Counseling
Marriage is a wonderful gift created and designed by God. We strongly encourage engaged couples to supplement their marriage preparation through formal premarital counseling. If you would like to seek out…

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Home Groups
Our Home Groups are made up of men and women from all walks of life. Home Groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, accountability and study. We have Home Groups without children, Home Groups with children, and a Home Group for young people including for college students…

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Men’s Ministry
Men occupy an important role not only in society, but even more so when they become husbands, and take up the mantle of being a father to their children who will be or are the next generation. This ministry is about inspiring, and equipping men to know the Word (Bible) and how to be spiritual leaders…

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Women’s Ministry
The House of the Nations Women’s ministry exists to provide fellowship and sense of belonging to the family of God; provides an atmosphere for women of all ages that enables them to grow in their walk with the Lord, develop nurturing relationships with one another…

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Children’s Ministry
This Children’s Ministry desires for children to encounter God, His works, and develop healthy lifestyles and relationships. Our mission is to have the children experience the presence of God by investing a considerable amount of time each week in worship, sharing and…

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